Executive Director

Issa Soormally

Mr. Issa Mohamad Soormally is the Managing director of Toukan Corporate Services Ltd since March 2017 and fellow Director of the MIoD (Mauritius Institute of directors).

Mr. Soormally, a holder of a degree in Banking with Finance and a seasoned Commercial banker and regulator, who held various positions within local as well as International organizations. Formerly Deputy Governor of Central Bank Mauritius, he chaired various positions in local financial institutions. Moreover, he has an extensive International banking track record in various jurisdictions, such as France, Luxembourg, Reunion Island, Kenya, Dubai and South Africa. He was also instrumental in setting up a branch of Al Salam Bank of Bahrain in the Republic of Seychelles. He was a participant and speaker, representing Mauritius at various international financial conferences and events.

Non-Executive Directors

Michel Antolinos

Michel Antolinos, a Swiss National, born in Lyon, France, spent 15 years within the company Bérard, one of the French leaders in the breeding, the trade and the distribution of wine in the country. He possesses extensive experience in the financial services sector.

Mr. Antolinos is the former CEO and Managing Director at McDonald’s France, having occupied the highest rank in the company from 1981-1997. He has then been a member of the board of an investment company, with an operative role of Executive director and currently owns the franchise rights of various prestigious brands in several countries

Laurent Panchaud

Laurent Panchaud, born in 1974, was admitted to the Bar in 2001, following the completion of his law degree from the University of Geneva. His practice areas include: Corporate and Commercial Law, Banking law and Capital markets, Trust foundation and estate planning, administrative law, residence and immigration; and commodities trading. He is currently one of the managing partner of Perréard De Boccard-Attorneys at Law.

He is also a member of Joint Chambers of Commerce in Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgystan, Molodova.

Sarah Moollan

Sarah Moollan is an independent director of the company. She has been working in the top management of Mammouth Trading Co. Ltd since 2015.

Previously, she occupied key positions in marketing, purchasing, customer service and corporate sales.

She has also worked for Courts and Iframac Ltd under the BAI Group as well as British American Tobacco for more than ten years. A holder of an honours degree in Management studies, Mrs Moollan is a very seasoned businesswoman.

Our Team

Our team is made up of qualified and experienced individuals that work passionately and dedicatedly to ensure that we surpass the expectations of our clients. Our team members adopt a spirit of teamwork in their tasks and learn and adapt to the changes in the internal and external environment smoothly, therefore, adding value to our company in the industry. Besides, we work closely with external professionals around the world to provide our services with excellence and perfection. As a company looking for fresh talent, we offer interesting job opportunities to individuals, having a willingness to explore the offshore market.




Founded in 2001 by Mr Andrea Nisi and established in Switzerland,  AITC is composed of lawyers and tax advisers. the association has been expanding over the past years to gradually grow into an international network, active in the five continents. Today AITC is composed of a network of more than 60 independent professionals providing tax, legal and accounting advice and services to individuals and corporations. As a truly multi-disciplinary group, AITC is well able to advise clients on a wide range of issues, across most major business environments.



Perréard De Boccard

Perréard De Boccard, one of the oldest law firm in Geneva, is a partner of Toukan Corporate Services Ltd. Founded in 1912, the firm has gained experience in various legal fields over a period of more than hundred years. Today, Perréard De Boccard is favoured by numerous clients, given the benefits it provides to them.

The team at Perréard De Boccard consists of 15 seasoned lawyers who provide a personalised service, catering to each and every needs of its clients. Moreover, Perréard De Boccard holds a membership with the Interlex Group, which is present in 151 cities in 60 countries. As a result, this association with Interlex makes Perréard De Boccard more accessible to provide an outstanding legal advice to clients in these cities and countries.